Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

2010 World Cup: Indicast Podcast - PQF's discussed

Yesterday I was part of the Indicast Podcast's Sportsbench special on the ongoing 2010 FIFA World Cup analysing the pre-quarterfinals. It was moderated by Vikram Nanivadekar with Jan Roskott, Duvel and myself discussed the pre-quarterfinals and the upcoming quarterfinals at the ongoing football World Cup.

It is titled "Football World Cup 2010 - Pre-Quarter Final Stage Review" and it surely will make interesting hearing for you all. A nice discussion about what we all have seen over the last few days in South Africa. The highs and lows...

Listen Online (64 kbps) : ~ 25 mins

Here the direct link to the Indicast Podcast page: Sportsbench Podcast

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