Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

QF: Germany demolish Argentina, Spain pip Paraguay

The day opens with one of world football's classic while thereafter the favoured Spanish face a dangerous Paraguay.

(to be updated after the second game)

Germany 4-0 (1-0) Argentina
Goals: 1-0 Thomas Mueller (3'), 2-0,4-0 Miroslav Klose (67',89'), 3-0 Arne Friedrich (74').

Germany demolished Argentina 4-0 in a brilliant display of attacking football at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town in a match which was anticipated to be a much closer affair. But Germany once more showed what they are capable of at the moment, while Argentina were shown their deficiencies in a harsh and cruel way.

Germany had the perfect start with Podolski brought down on the left, Bastian Schweinsteiger took the resultant free kick and Thomas Mueller headed the ball in to give Germany a 3rd minute lead. And Argentina never really got back into the game thereafter though having some chances. Germany once more were able to stamp their authority on the game with the passing game, speed and collective team work. Germany missed the chance to double their lead in the first half itself and towards the end of the half came under some pressure of the Argentinians, but due to their overall team play Argentina did worry Manuel Neuer in the German too much.

After the break Argentina looked like they wanted to get back into the game and they put loads of passes together, but couldn't find the necessary openings. After about 10 minutes Germany broke the Argentinian dominance and the match opened up again. Argentina did have some chances through Angel di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain and Carlos Tevez; but Germany's defence and Neuer stood tall. And then Germany doubled the lead in the 67th minute. Thomas Mueller on the ground, fought and gets the ball to Podolski on the left, who places the ball into the centre with the defender and keeper Sergio Romero Miroslav Klose just has to tap in the ball. Argentina looked beaten as Germany added on their tally. The brilliant Schweinsteiger played his way past four Argentines to play the ball into the centre where Arne Friedrich was there to score Germany's third and his first ever in the 74th minute. But the misery was not over for Argentina yet as they couldn't score a consolation goal, but actually suffered another as Mesut Oezil played the ball for Klose, whose volley beat Romero. For Klose it was the 52nd goal in the 100th game for Germany, and the goal also meant that Klose has now scored 14th World Cup goals like legendary striker Gerd Mueller, one less then record holder Brazilian Ronaldo with 15.

Paraguay 0-1 (0-0) Spain
Goals: 0-1 David Villa (83').

Spain overcame a spirited Paraguay to seal their semifinal spot tonight at the Ellis Park in Johannesburg. And once more it was striker David Villa whose goal gave the Iberians the win in a match which could have gone both ways as Paraguay were stronger then many expected and Spain weren't anywhere near their best.

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