Senin, 19 Juli 2010

International Match Date - International Anger?

The date August 11, 2010 is causing a lot of international debate then that date is an official FIFA international match day. This means that only a month after the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup the world football governing body has fixed a match date with most World Cuppers just back at their clubs and then off again for international duty.

Especially here in Germany the issue has made headline news with Germany to travel to Copenhagen to face Denmark on August 11. Top coaches Louis van Gaal and Felix Magath have questioned the logic behind such a friendly date in August with players preparing for the long season ahead. And it is a question which can be asked by affected club coaches. Van Gaal had eight players in the German squad plus another five player with different national teams and has been lamenting that he has difficulties in pre-season preparations with most of his first eleven still not in training.

The Club vs. Country debate goes on around the planet, but the Bayern Munich coach does have a point here. A few days ago van Gaal said, "The players return on August 2 and then they must go away again on international duty on August 9. That simply cannot be the case, it’s nonsense."
"If FIFA are a little reasonable, they would take this date out so soon after a World Cup. I hope that Mr Sepp Blatter listens to us, because this just cannot happen."

If the FIFA president is listening isn't known. But surely such a date don't really help the players, who often will go into such matches without any motivation. A different date later in the football calendar year would be more suitable, but many will say an international match date less would be good. One will see if anything happens...

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