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Chhetri - Staying in US or joining Team India?

This is a question which only Sunil Chhetri himself can answer, but he has to look at his short-term aim of playing first team football, also look at the upcoming Asian Cup and his club career after January 2011. It will be a difficult decision for Sunil Chhetri to make as he hasn't seen any first team action for the Kansas City Wizards in the North American "Major League Soccer" since joining them in March 2010. But what could be seen in the friendly match against Manchester United on Sunday was a match fit Sunil, so if Bob has any worries he could be getting a non-match fit player back later in the year, then he is at least for the moment wrong.

What has happened? Sunil Chhetri gave an interview to mlssoccer.com, the official mouth piece of the MLS. And some of his statements can be interpreted this way or the other way around. Sunil said, "There are times when I think it's just not happening, and I should move on and think of different alternatives. But then it's a kind of challenge for me. Everyone looks up to me in my country, and there is a point to prove. I came here to learn, and I think I can learn more over here. That really motivates me."

"It's been three months that I have been here working a lot and trying to understand the kind of game we play in Kansas City. It's been difficult because I am not used to all the things that happen over here but I am trying to do my best to acclimatize," Sunil further added.

This whole situation reminds me of what Baichung Bhutia faced about a decade back at Bury FC. Baichung at the time decided to stay in England and try to make it there, which in the end after three years didn't work out, still Baichung was more mature and wiser plus if you look back then the Bury days have helped him a lot.

Sunil has not talked to the media back in India, but reports in India have surfaced that Sunil is desperate to get back and join the national team at their training camp in Portugal. In some reports it sounded like the MLS adventure is over and it is time to return to India with unnamed sources within the AIFF telling the journalists. Can here, has Sunil spoken to someone at the AIFF?

I spoke to my friend Yogesh Joshee, who is Sunil's agent, to find out more and he gave me a somewhat different picture. Yogesh told me, "Sunil is happy at Kansas City, its a learning process for him in a new country, new surroundings. And it was clear from the onset that it wasn't going to be that Sunil just walks in and starts playing for the Wizards."

But Yogesh went on to add, "Yes, there has been a request from Bob and the AIFF to see if something could be worked out with the Wizards, so Sunil can join the national team for the rest of the year on loan. And we will have to see if a deal can be worked out."

In the end Sunil has to decide what he wants to do. But still he can take advice and help from his agent Yogesh Joshee, senior players like Baichung Bhutia, coach Bob Houghton plus family and friends.

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