Senin, 12 Juli 2010

The romantic moment of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

This situation happens again and again after most games around the world, especially the higher the level and standard. A player is interviewed after the match, but what happened yesterday night after Spain won the World Cup is a first for live television post match interview.

Spanish captain Iker Casillas is interviewed by Sara Carbonero for Spanish TV channel Telecinco (Channel 5) after the game. What makes this interview interesting is that Casillas and Sara are together, and after the loss against Switzerland there had been speculation that Casillas was being distracted by his girlfriend being around. Some even demanded her to be send back to Spain, so the captain could focus only on football.

But after winning the World Cup it was time to pay back. When Sara asked Casillas whom he had to thank for the title. He thanked his father & mother, his brother and then stopped for a few seconds; Sara said lets watch the pictures of the day but Casillas lifted his finger and then kissed Sara on the mouth and check with the journalists around clapping for this burst of emotion. Sara stood there shocked, but for me it was a great moment from this World Cup. It gave us a personal touch to this rough and tough game of football, which we love to call the beautiful game. Isn't it?

Watch the video here:

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