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Federation Cup: Complete fixtures are out

The 32nd Federation Cup, India's version of the FA Cup, will be played from September 21 to October 2 across three venues. Unlike in the last few years the Federation Cup's final round will not be held as a one venue as a 16 team league-cum-knockout tournament. This time around the four groups of four teams each have been divided to be held at three venues - Cuttack, Ludhiana and Vasco, Goa. Orissa's Cuttack will host two of the group plus also the semifinals and the final.

The qualifiers will be held from September 14 to 18 in Silchar, Assam and Mapusa, Goa. And one team from each qualifying group will make it into the tournament proper, where they would face the I-League sides.

In Group A defending champions East Bengal Club take on Air India, Pune FC and HAL in Cuttack. Group B will be played at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco and it would see Churchill Brothers, Chirag United, Viva Kerala and the qualifier from Group B in action. In Group C JCT has home advantage in Ludhiana as they face I-League champions Dempo SC, ONGC and the India Junior XI; while Group D would also be played in Cuttack where Mohun Bagan take on Salgaocar SC, Mumbai FC and the qualifier from Group A.

The semifinals will be played on September 29 and 30, while the grand finale has been fixed for October 2. These three matches to decide the eventual champions will be held at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack.

The Qualifiers

Group A
Venue: Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium, Silchar (Assam)
15-Sep-10: Oil India Limited - Mohammedan Sporting Club (Match 1)
16-Sep-10: NISA, Manipur - Shillong Lajong FC (Match 2)
18-Sep-10: Winner Match 1 - Winner Match 2

Group B
Venue: Duler Ground, Mapusa (Goa)
14-Sep-10: Vasco SC - Sesa Football Academy (Match 1)
15-Sep-10: Sporting Clube de Goa - Malabar United FC (Match 2)
17-Sep-10: Winner Match 1 - Winner Match 2

Quarterfinal League

Group A
Venue: Barabati Stadium, Cuttack (Orissa)

21-Sep-10: East Bengal Club - Air India
21-Sep-10: Pune FC - HAL
23-Sep-10: Air India - Pune FC
23-Sep-10: HAL - East Bengal Club
25-Sep-10: East Bengal Club - Pune FC
25-Sep-10: HAL - Air India

Group B
Venue: Tilak Maidan, Vasco (Goa)

21-Sep-10: Qualifier Group B - Chirag United SC
21-Sep-10: Churchill Brothers SC - Viva Kerala
23-Sep-10: Viva Kerala - Chirag United SC
23-Sep-10: Qualifier Group B - Churchill Brothers SC
25-Sep-10: Viva Kerala - Qualifier Group B
25-Sep-10: Chirag United SC - Churchill Brothers SC

Group C
Venue: Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana (Punjab)

21-Sep-10: Dempo SC - ONGC
21-Sep-10: JCT - India XI
23-Sep-10: India XI - Dempo SC
23-Sep-10: ONGC - JCT
25-Sep-10: India XI - ONGC
25-Sep-10: JCT - Dempo SC

Group D
Venue: Barabati Stadium, Cuttack (Orissa)

22-Sep-10: Mohun Bagan AC - Qualifier Group A
22-Sep-10: Salgaocar SC - Mumbai FC
24-Sep-10: Qualifier Group A - Salgaocar SC
24-Sep-10: Mumbai FC - Mohun Bagan AC
26-Sep-10: Salgaocar SC - Mohun Bagan AC
26-Sep-10: Qualifier Group A - Mumbai FC

Venue: Barabati Stadium, Cuttack (Orissa)
29-Sep-10: Winner Group A - Winner Group B
30-Sep-10: Winner Group C - Winner Group D

Venue: Barabati Stadium, Cuttack (Orissa)
02-Oct-10: Winner SF 1 - Winner SF 2

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