Senin, 20 September 2010

PIO XI in the I-League?

If plans by some businessmen in the United Kingdom comes true then a team comprising of only Players of Indian Origin could come and play as a club side in the I-League in the next two to three years. Where the team could and would be based isn't known yet, but some of these rich and influential businessmen think that Indian football is not looking at the PIO angle seriously enough. And these players need a chance to showcase their talent to get picked for the Indian national team to take our football forward as per their thinking. These gentleman have come together and they are willing to push it from an idea to a project level where ground work would be done to see if such a plan would be at all feasible.

The players pool would come mainly from the British Asian football scene with a few players currently playing in lower level professional football (League One & Two) and a number of them on the fringe of the pro game at semi-professional level in the UK. PIO's from other parts of the world could also be considered for the team. These men think that a few of these boys could even play for the Indian national team and would be an asset to the Team India set-up as India tries to develop the game in the coming years.

The men behind the project have so far not communicated with the All India Football Federation nor with anyone else in India, but it surely sounds to be an interesting approach which needs to be explored. And it needs to be seen if the project sees the day of light and what authorities in India would think about such an approach. There is already a lot of scepticism on the India Under-19 team playing in the league and getting a so-called alien team involved might not be the right step for the I-League, but on the other side might be a good step for Indian football.

But first of all it needs to be seen if the project sees the light of day.
And to me the crucial question is where could such a club be based? Can such a team of PIO's create local support somewhere in India where pro football hasn't caught-up yet? Surely a difficult sell, but not impossible...

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