Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

Bundesliga generate more then 2 billion Euros in revenue!

The German Bundesliga is on a growth path on and off the field with its 18 clubs generating more than 2 billion Euros of revenue for the first time in the history of the league with the clubs jointly generating 55 million Euros of profits with 14 of the 18 clubs registering profits.

These numbers are just incredible with no league around the world of football anywhere close to the Bundesliga numbers in regard to profit though other leagues like the English Premier League generating higher turnovers, but less profit.

The Bundesliga increased the revenues generated for the 2011/12 season and broke the 2 billion Euro mark (2.08 b) for the first time (a 7.2% increase over last season). The league produced a post-taxes profit of 55 million euros with 14 of the 18 clubs registering profits. On the spending front, the overall wages/revenue ratio for players and coaches sunk 37.8%.

"The Bundesliga confirmed its sustainable growth and healthy development. The league is well equipped for the coming challenges. The League Association, the DFL and the clubs will work intensively on continuing their successful way. The foundations for that are economic rationality as well as aimed investments in athletic performance and infrastructure," said DFL CEO Christian Seifert.

The 36 clubs (Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga) and joined stock companies of the League Association increased the revenues generated for the 2011/12 season for the eighth season running. In total, the clubs generated 2.46 billion Euros last season. Just like last year, football in Germany recorded increases in all central areas of income (advertising, media and game revenues).

Professional football remains a meaningful taxpayer in Germany. With nearly 800 million Euros (719 million Euros the previous year), the clubs and capital companies dished out more taxes and charges than ever before in licensed football. The clubs, or their subsidiaries, employed nearly 16,000 people (previous year 14,000).

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