Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

UEFA confirms EURO2020 in 13 cities across the continent

The European governing body UEFA's Executive Committee has confirmed that the UEFA EURO 2020 will be held as "EURO for Europe" across 13 cities across the continent. It will give some countries and cities the opportunity to be part of a tournament that they may otherwise not be able to host.

The UEFA Executive Committee, chaired by UEFA President Michel Platini, approved the key event and football principles for the "EURO for Europe", which include

• The matches will be split into 13 different packages, with 12 ordinary packages including three group matches and one knockout round (round of 16 or quarterfinal), and one package for the semi-finals and the final;
• There will only be a maximum of one venue per country, meaning one stadium for each of the available 13 packages. Both semifinals and the final will be played in one stadium; and
• Each association will be allowed to present up to two bids, one for the ordinary package and one for the semifinals/final package. Each national association can decide to present the same city for these two bids or two different cities.

Projected stadiums will be admitted in the bidding process, with a deadline set in 2016 for the construction of any new stadium to start, failing which the decision on such a host city could be reviewed.

The required minimum net stadiums capacities should be

• 70,000 for semi-finals/final;
• 60,000 for quarter-finals;
• 50,000 for round of 16 and group matches; and
• Up to two exceptions would be allowed for stadiums of a net minimum capacity of 30,000 seats, limited to group matches and a round of 16 match.

All teams will participate in the qualifying competition and the 13 countries staging matches will therefore not be automatically qualified.

Michel Platini had made his revolutionary idea public last summer with now 12 cities across as many countries with the chance to host matches in the group stage with knockout matches to be played at a ideally neutral venue to give even opportunities to all UEFA member nations.

Platini is favouring the Turkish capital Istanbul, but if it is awarded the 2020 Olympics then another European capital would host the tournament.

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