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Mizoram Premier League: Mizoram Police lose, but stays top

The Round 9 of the inaugural 'Mahindra 2 Wheelers' Mizoram Premier League was held last Wednesday and Thursday at the Assam Rifles ground in Aizawl, Mizoram with all eight participating teams in action with Mizoram Police still top of the league though they lost to Dinthar FC.

Round 10 will be played over the next couple of days before another break in the league due to the Santosh Trophy state camp starting on January 31 and then Aizawl FC taking part in the 2nd Division I-League.


Round 8
18-Jan-2013: Dinthar FC 2-1 FC Kulikawn
18-Jan-2013: Luangmual FC 1-2 Aizawl FC
19-Jan-2013: Reitlang FC 1-1 FC RS Annexe
19-Jan-2013: Mizoram Police FC 2-1 Chanmari FC

Round 9
23-Jan-2013: Aizawl FC 3-1 FC RS Annexe
23-Jan-2013: Reitlang FC 1-1 Luangmual FC
24-Jan-2013: Chanmari FC 1-1 FC Kulikawn
24-Jan-2013: Mizoram Police FC 1-2 Dinthar FC

Round 10
29-Jan-2013: Luangmual FC - Mizoram Police FC
29-Jan-2013: FC Kulikawn - FC RS Annexe
30-Jan-2013: Chanmari FC - Aizawl FC
30-Jan-2013: Dinthar FC - Reitlang FC

Latest Mizoram Premier League table

Latest Photos from Mizoram Premier League

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