Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

August 31, an important day in football

Some of you might be thinking now, why is Arunava writing that August 31 is an important day in football. What is today? Is there an important football match? A crucial FIFA meeting? Or something else which I don't remember.

No. It is the last day of the international summer transfer period and the day evolves with a number of surprising last minute transfers. It happens to be one of the most active days in football, but with the action being rather off the field. The club managements try to make last minute signings, get rid of unwanted players and look at bringing in players on loan which they can't afford or loan out players they wants to offload. Phone lines and mobile phones across Europe will be active plus in peripheral leagues around the globe where players of interest play.

At the last moment clubs often hope to make a bargain or are willing to pay higher fees for a player they have wanted all summer long. But sometimes deals just don't happen even if a players wants to leave or join a club.

For the first time India is also part of the global transfer calendar. Still the transfer system is divided in India into local transfers of players only switching clubs within a local or state FA and the 'bigger' transfers called the Inter-State Transfers which need to be cleared by the All India Football Federation just like international transfers of player coming into India or leaving the country. And for the first time the transfer period extended to two and a half months, which so far in India has been a 20 to 30 day period in May or June. This also gave the clubs and players the chance to choose better amongst their options or should have done so as we look forward to the new season.

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