Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

North Korean Tae-Se impresses in Germany

Do you remember the North Korean player who was weeping when the countries national anthem was being played at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa? That was Jong Tae-Se and after the World Cup he signed a two year contract with German second division Bundesliga club VfL Bochum.

Now striker Jong Tae-Se (written Chong Tese here in Germany) impressed last night in the first 2.Bundesliga league match for his new club against 1860 Munich. Tae-Se, nicknamed the Asian Rooney, scored two goals for his club in their 3-2 victory.

And both goals were great to watch. First Tae-Se gave Bochum the 2-1 lead in the 38th minute of a flying header from a Bjoern Kopplin cross. It came as a surprise to many as he beat Munich keeper Gabor Kiraly to the ball. And only seconds into the second half a Milos Maric corner came into the box and Tae-Se headed in to give Bochum a 3-1 lead. And the Bochum fans now have a new crowd favourite in Tae-Se, but he will have to follow-up his strong performance from last night.

Tae-Se has impressed one and all in Bochum so far! The North Korean born and raised in Japan, who has never lived in North Korea, is trying to integrate as quickly as possible and that not only into the team but in general. He has been eager to learn German, has picked-up the language quite fast and even gave a small TV interview post match yesterday in German.

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