Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I wish all Indians around the world a very happy Independence Day!!!

And we should remember the struggle our forefathers had to go through to make our country independent in 1947, but if they look at the situation of the nation in sports today, then they could question themselves, was it worth the effort??? Actually I ask myself the question about Sports and India when I see the whole story unfold in regard to the 2010 Commonwealth Games, sports bureaucracy and lack of proper support for youth development and infrastructure. It is an attitude to try and finish off things at the last moment and say it will somehow work.

And something else annoys me again and again. And everyone reading please don't take it personal. I often see in India that the general public supports national teams or our sports persons only when they are successful. When they win they become somewhat like demigods; but when they lose, they just don't want to support them anyone. It even happens in Cricket, some will remember the 2007 Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean where India went out at the group stage. Suddenly no one wanted to be cricket fans any more, but only six months later India won the T20 World Cup and all was back to square one.

In sports you sometimes win and sometimes lose. Okay we lose more often then win, but still our sports persons are putting in their best effort. Never forget that and I feel that is not rated highly enough. Take e.g. Japan, they support their sports persons, be it stars or youngsters, in whatever sports and with whatever chances to win. Maybe role models for us and something for us all to think about...

Jai Hind!!!

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