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I-League Division 2: Group A fixtures revised

The AIFF has released the revised fixtures of the preliminary Group A. The Group A matches were supposed to be played from March 27 to April 9 in Guwahati, but they have now been changed to March 31 to April 12.

The original match dates had kept the state elections in Assam on April 4 & 11 in mind, but with elections in the state capital Guwahati only on April 11 the qualifiers where supposed to be finished before that day. Now the dates have been changed with the elections sandwiched between two match days. One of the reasons could be the chance of Southern Samity to make it to the semifinals and final of the IFA Shield which will be played on March 28 and 31.

I-League Division 2 - Groups A fixtures

Group A - Guwahati (Assam)
NISA (Manipur), United Sikkim FC (Sikkim), Langsning FC (Meghalaya), Guwahati Town Club (Assam), Southern Samity (West Bengal), Golden Threads FC (Kerala), Simla Youngs FC (Delhi)

Round I
31/03/11: NISA - Golden Threads FC
31/03/11: Simla Youngs FC - Guwahati Town Club
31/03/11: Langsning FC - United Sikkim FC

Round II
02/04/11: Golden Threads FC - Langsning FC
02/04/11: Guwahati Town Club - NISA
02/04/11: Southern Samilty - Simla Youngs FC

Round III
04/04/11: United Sikkim FC - NISA
04/04/11: Golden Threads FC - Simla Youngs FC
04/04/11: Guwahati Town Club - Southern Samity

Round IV
06/04/11: Langsning FC - Simla Youngs FC
06/04/11: United Sikkim FC - Southern Samity
06/04/11: Golden Threads FC - Guwahati Town Club

Round V
08/04/11: NISA - Southern Samity
08/04/11: Langsning FC - Guwahati Town Club
08/04/11: United Sikkim FC - Golden Threads FC

Round VI
10/04/11: Guwahati Town Club - United Sikkim FC
10/04/11: Southern Samity - Langsning FC
10/04/11: Simla Youngs FC - NISA

Round VII
12/04/11: Southern Samity - Golden Threads FC
12/04/11: Simla Youngs FC - United Sikkim FC
12/04/11: NISA - Langsning FC

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