Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

VIDEO: Defender from Panama hits out at bird

It is one of those instances where a footballer just does something without thinking.

In a Colombian league match between Deportivo Pereira against Atlético Junior an owl lands on the pitch, is hit by the ball, stays on the ground injured and the referee stops the game, but as things are too slow to restart Deportivo Pereira's Panama defender Luis Moreno kicks the bird outside of the field.

If this wasn't cruel enough the bird also happened to be Atlético Junior's mascot which resulted in fan and player protest. Moreno had to apologise after the match and his case is now being investigated by the Columbian FA. The bird got away with a tractured right leg and is being treated at a local veterinary clinic in Barranquilla.

Here the video to go with this story:

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