Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Me writing about Cricket

Those of you who follow not only my blog, but also my updates on Facebook & Twitter will have seen that I have written a number of articles about Cricket over the last few days, actually it has been weeks now since the start of the Cricket World Cup.

I have written and reported about many different topics and issues over the years, but it has been mainly football centric. So the last few weeks have been a new world for someone born and brought-up in Germany as here you don't really follow cricket in continental Europe. And as a journalist you have to have enough background information to be able to write about a topic, at least this is the way we were thought journalism but isn't always followed these days...

Plus I have been learning more and more about cricket which has also meant that I can now better understand the Indian psyche when it comes to the love for cricket. In my opinion it has a lot to do with media coverage, which often over the last few weeks has been close to overkill but also peer/public pressure to follow the topic of the moment.

The Cricket World Cup has been on for nearly six weeks, but only in the last 10 days there has been a real interest and the absolute climax was yesterday's India vs Pakistan match. And the positives from this match are for all to see as sports was at the centre of everything, which could help reduce tensions between these two neighbours. But I question if the interest is as big and real as all these reactions make us all think. If India had been eliminated earlier would all this interest be there? As example in 2007 at the World Cup exit many said, I'm no longer interested in cricket.

More topics for write-ups about cricket, which will go on over the weekend. But no worries football will remain my first love and the topic about which I will keep on writing...

Here some links to my write-ups

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