Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Players come out in support of Houghton

The players of the Indian national football team and support staff have send a signed letter to the All India Football Federation in support of Bob Houghton on the racism issue. The letter is said to have reached the federation office.

In the letter our internationals state that they where witness of the incidence involving their coach Bob Houghton and fourth official Dinesh Nair, where the foreign coach did not utter anything racist against the concerned match official. And they would be willing to stand witness to a jury or committee if needed.

The letter was signed by most players part of the Asian Cup preparatory camp with some unable to sign the document due to lack of time or coordination with assistant coach Savio Medeira and goalkeeping coach Marcus Pacheco also signing the letter.

This comes after the AIFF Executive Committee said that they would look at ways of getting rid of Bob Houghton and the old racism issue raised again. So far nothing has happened, for the moment Bob is still the India coach and he will travel with the team for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers.

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