Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

2nd Orissa Womens League to kick-off October 9

The second edition of the Odisha Women's League organised by the Football Association of Orissa will be played from October 9 to 19 at the Bidanasi Ground in Cuttack. A total of eight teams from across the state would be taking part in the league-cum-kncokout format.

Group A consists of Odisha Police, Mangala Club, Radha Gobinda Club and Radharaman Club; while in Group B East Coast Railway take on Chauliaganj Club, Sunshine Club and Chand Club.


Group A
Odisha Police, Mangala Club, Radha Gobinda Club, Radharaman Club

09-Oct-2012: Odisha Police - Mangala Club
09-Oct-2012: Radha Gobinda Club - Radharaman Club
11-Oct-2012: Radha Gobinda Club - Mangala Club
11-Oct-2012: Odisha Police - Radharaman Club
13-Oct-2012: Mangala Club - Radharaman Club
13-Oct-2012: Odisha Police - Radha Gobinda Club

Group B
East Coast Railway, Chauliaganj Club, Sunshine Club, Chand Club

10-Oct-2012: East Coast Railway - Chauliaganj Club
10-Oct-2012: Sunshine Club - Chand Club
12-Oct-2012: Chauliaganj Club - Chand Club
12-Oct-2012: East Coast Railway - Sunshine Club
14-Oct-2012: East Coast Railway - Chand Club
14-Oct-2012: Sunshine Club - Chauliaganj Club

16-Oct-2012: Winner Group A - Runners-Up Group B
16-Oct-2012: Winner Group B - Runners-Up Group A

19-Oct-2012: Winner SF1 - Winner SF2

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