Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

FIFA World Rankings: INDIA gain a place to be 168th

The world football governing body FIFA released the latest FIFA World Rankings earlier today in which India has gained one spot to be now ranked 168th amongst the 209 ranked nations and territories, while within Asia India gained a spot as 31st amongst 46 nations in the rankings. India is 168th in the world rankings behind Fiji and ahead of neighbours Bangladesh with 114 points, nine points more then in last months ranking.

Amongst the South Asian nations India remain fourth behind the Maldives (160th), Nepal (165th), Afghanistan (166th), but ahead of Bangladesh (169th), Pakistan (177th), Sri Lanka (180st) and Bhutan (207th).

India play their next friendly on October 16 against Singapore and a positive result, a win or a draw, could give some much neededpoints for the follow months rankings.

Meanwhile there has been three changes amongst the top five of the FIFA World Rankings. World champions Spain (1,611 points) stay at the top with Germany (1,459) remaining second, but there are changes behind them as Portugal (1,259) now third gained a spot, Argentina (1,208) gaining three places to be fourth and England (1,196) dropping two spots as fifth.

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