Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

London has more world class stadia then India!

Last week I spend a couple of days in London and on my way in flying over London I had the chance to see numerous football and sporting venues from above. Then and there I realised that a metropolis of the size of London with a population of over 8 million has more world class stadia for football then a country of 1,2 billion in India. It was a harsh, but true realisation in the air over London...

While flying into London I saw and recognised White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspurs), the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC), the new Olympic Stadium in Stratford, Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC) and Wembley. Only five stadia one could say, but as we had to wait for our turn to land the pilot unintentionally took a route close to these venues though I missed out on Upton Park (West Ham United), Craven Cottage (Fulham FC) and Loftus Road (Queens Park Rangers FC) as London boasts of six English Premier League clubs and as many as 14 clubs across the four English professional leagues.

The interesting fact is that these venues are brand new like the Olympic Stadium, redeveloped like Wembley or older one's like White Hart Lane, Craven Cottage or Loftus Road; but all these venues have a certain standard that fans can enjoy when they watch football or sporting events and clubs are thinking of further redevelopment or shifting to new state of the art venues.

In Indian football or sports in general we talk about infrastructure, but there is a massive lack of it. No venue for football in India is really world class with the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi coming the closest, but still after many millions spend on the stadium ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games there are massive deficiencies at the ground and inside the building before it can be called a truly world class venue.

Maybe the officials think about this and work on plans to change it or otherwise we will continue to have the situation as was prevalent at the 2012 Nehru Cup in New Delhi and the 2012 Federation Cup in Jamshedpur and Siliguri.

Infrastructure is one key element of sporting development...

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