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I-League 2012/13: Complete Fixtures

The I-League 2012/13 is set to kick-off in a couple of days on October 6 with matches across India and the 14 team league will run 26 rounds until late-April 2013. But we will only get to know when the league will finish once next years AFC Cup fixtures for Dempo SC and East Bengal Club are released.


Round 1
06-Oct-2012: United Sikkim FC - Salgaocar SC (Gangtok)
06-Oct-2012: Pailan Arrows - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
06-Oct-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Mohun Bagan AC (Shillong)
06-Oct-2012: Dempo SC - Churchill Brothers SC (Margao)
07-Oct-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - East Bengal Club (Margao)
07-Oct-2012: Prayag United SC - Air India (Kolkata)
08-Oct-2012: Pune FC - ONGC (Pune)

Round 2
11-Oct-2012: United Sikkim FC - East Bengal Club (Gangtok)
11-Oct-2012: Pune FC - Mumbai FC (Pune)
11-Oct-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - ONGC (Margao)
11-Oct-2012: Pailan Arrows - Air India (Kolkata)
12-Oct-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Salgaocar SC (Shillong)
12-Oct-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Dempo SC (Margao)
12-Oct-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - Prayag United SC (Kolkata)

Round 3
26-Oct-2012: ONGC - Prayag United SC (Delhi)
27-Oct-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
27-Oct-2012: East Bengal Club - Pune FC (Kolkata)
28-Oct-2012: United Sikkim FC - Dempo (Gangtok)
28-Oct-2012: Salgaocar SC - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
28-Oct-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Shillong)
28-Oct-2012: Air India - Mohun Bagan AC (Pune)

Round 4
03-Nov-2012: East Bengal Club - Dempo SC (Kolkata)
03-Nov-2012: Mumbai FC - Salgaocar SC (Pune)
03-Nov-2012: United Sikkim FC - Pailan Arrows (Gangtok)
04-Nov-2012: ONGC - Air India (Delhi)
04-Nov-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
04-Nov-2012: Pune FC - Churchill Brothers SC (Pune)
04-Nov-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Prayag United SC (Shillong)

Round 5
09-Nov-2012: Churchill Brother SC - Salgaocar SC (Vasco)
09-Nov-2012: Mumbai FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Pune)
09-Nov-2012: Pailan Arrows - Pune FC (Kolkata)
09-Nov-2012: ONGC - Mohun Bagan AC (Delhi)
10-Nov-2012: Prayag United SC - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
10-Nov-2012: Dempo SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
10-Nov-2012: Air India - East Bengal Club (Pune)

Round 6
16-Nov-2012: ONGC - Dempo SC (Delhi)
17-Nov-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - East Bengal Club (Vasco)
17-Nov-2012: Mumbai FC - Shillong Lajong FC (Pune)
17-Nov-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - Salgaocar SC (Kolkata)
18-Nov-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)
18-Nov-2012: Pailan Arrows - Prayag United SC (Kolkata)
18-Nov-2012: Pune FC - Air India (Pune)

Round 7
23-Nov-2012: Prayag United SC - Salgaocar SC (Kolkata)
23-Nov-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
24-Nov-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Churchill Brothers SC (Shillong)
24-Nov-2012: Pune FC - United Sikkim FC (Pune)
24-Nov-2012: Dempo SC - Air India (Vasco)
24-Nov-2012: East Bengal Club - ONGC (Kolkata)
25-Nov-2012: Mumbai FC - Mohun Bagan AC (Pune)

Round 8
27-Nov-2012: East Bengal Club - Salgaocar SC (Kolkata)
27-Nov-2012: Air India - United Sikkim FC (Pune)
27-Nov-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Pune FC (Vasco)
28-Nov-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Pailan Arrows (Shillong)
28-Nov-2012: Prayag United SC - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
28-Nov-2012: Dempo SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
28-Nov-2012: Mumbai FC - ONGC (Pune)

Round 9
01-Dec-2012: Pailan Arrows - ONGC (Kolkata)
01-Dec-2012: Salgaocar SC - Dempo SC (Vasco)
01-Dec-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - East Bengal Club (Shillong)
02-Dec-2012: United Sikkim FC - Churchill Brothers SC (Gangtok)
02-Dec-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa - Air India (Vasco)
02-Dec-2012: Prayag United SC - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
02-Dec-2012: Pune FC - Mohun Bagan AC (Pune)

Round 10
08-Dec-2012: United Sikkim FC - Shillong Lajong FC (Gangtok)
08-Dec-2012: Pailan Arrows - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
08-Dec-2012: Dempo SC - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
08-Dec-2012: ONGC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Pune)
09-Dec-2012: East Bengal Club - Mohun Bagan AC (Kolkata)
09-Dec-2012: Salgaocar SC - Pune FC (Vasco)
09-Dec-2012: Air India - Mumbai FC (Pune)

Round 11
14-Dec-2012: Salgaocar SC - ONGC (Vasco)
15-Dec-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - Pailan Arrows (Kolkata)
15-Dec-2012: Mumbai FC - United Sikkim FC (Mumbai)
15-Dec-2012: Dempo SC - Pune FC (Vasco)
16-Dec-2012: East Bengal Club - Prayag United SC
16-Dec-2012: Air India - Shillong Lajong FC (Pune)
16-Dec-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Vasco)

Round 12
22-Dec-2012: Salgaocar SC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Vasco)
22-Dec-2012: ONGC - Shillong Lajong FC (Mumbai)
22-Dec-2012: Pailan Arrows - Dempo SC (Kolkata)
22-Dec-2012: Pune FC - Prayag United SC (Pune)
23-Dec-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - Air India (Vasco)
23-Dec-2012: Mohun Bagan AC - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
23-Dec-2012: Mumbai FC - East Bengal Club (Mumbai)

Round 13
29-Dec-2012: ONGC - United Sikkim FC (Mumbai)
29-Dec-2012: Shillong Lajong FC - Pune FC (Pune)
29-Dec-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
29-Dec-2012: Prayag United SC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
30-Dec-2012: Salgaocar SC - Air India (Vasco)
30-Dec-2012: East Bengal Club - Pailan Arrows (Kolkata)
30-Dec-2012: Mumbai FC - Dempo SC (Mumbai)

Round 14
04-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
04-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Dempo SC (Kolkata)
05-Jan-2013: Salgaocar SC - East Bengal Club (Vasco)
05-Jan-2013: Air India - Sporting Clube de Goa (Mumbai)
05-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
05-Jan-2013: United Sikkim FC - Pune FC (Gangtok)
06-Jan-2013: ONGC - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)

Round 15
08-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
08-Jan-2013: Air India - Salgaocar SC (Mumbai)
08-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Dempo SC (Kolkata)
09-Jan-2013: United Sikkim FC - Mumbai FC (Gangtok)
09-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
09-Jan-2013: ONGC - East Bengal Club (Mumbai)
09-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Pune FC (Kolkata)

Round 16
12-Jan-2013: Air India - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)
12-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
12-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Pune FC (Kolkata)
13-Jan-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Dempo SC (Shillong)
13-Jan-2013: East Bengal Club - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
13-Jan-2013: ONGC - Salgaocar SC (Mumbai)
13-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)

Round 17
19-Jan-2013: Dempo SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)
19-Jan-2013: Mumbai FC - Prayag United SC (Mumbai)
19-Jan-2013: East Bengal Club - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
20-Jan-2013: Pailan Arrows - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
20-Jan-2013: Salgaocar SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
20-Jan-2013: Pune FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Pune)
20-Jan-2013: Air India - ONGC (Mumbai)

Round 18
27-Jan-2013: Dempo SC - ONGC (Vasco)
27-Jan-2013: Mumbai FC - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
27-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Kolkata)
28-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Salgaocar SC (Vasco)
28-Jan-2013: Pailan Arrows - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
28-Jan-2013: Pune FC - East Bengal Club (Pune)
28-Jan-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Air India (Shillong)

Round 19
02-Feb-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Churchill Brothers SC (Vasco)
02-Feb-2013: Air India - Prayag United SC (Mumbai)
02-Feb-2013: Pailan Arrows - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
03-Feb-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - ONGC (Kolkata)
03-Feb-2013: Dempo SC - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
03-Feb-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - United Sikkim FC (Shillong)
03-Feb-2013: Pune FC - Salgaocar SC (Pune)

Round 20
09-Feb-2013: Salgaocar SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
09-Feb-2013: Mumbai FC - Pune FC (Mumbai)
09-Feb-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
10-Feb-2013: Pailan Arrows - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
10-Feb-2013: United Sikkim FC - ONGC (Gangtok)
10-Feb-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
10-Feb-2013: Air India - Dempo SC (Mumbai)

Round 21
23-Mar-2013: Pailan Arrows - Mohun Bagan AC (Kolkata)
23-Mar-2013: ONGC - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
23-Mar-2013: Salgaocar SC - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
24-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club - Air India (Kolkata)
24-Mar-2013: Dempo SC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Vasco)
24-Mar-2013: Pune FC - Shillong Lajong FC (Pune)
24-Mar-2013: United Sikkim FC - Prayag United SC (Gangtok)

Round 22
27-Mar-2013: Salgaocar SC - Churchill Brothers SC (Vasco)
27-Mar-2013: Mumbai FC - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)
27-Mar-2013: Prayag United SC - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
28-Mar-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
28-Mar-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - ONGC (Vasco)
28-Mar-2013: Pune FC - Dempo SC (Pune)
28-Mar-2013: United Sikkim FC - Air India (Gangtok)

Round 23
04-Apr-2013: Salgaocar SC - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
05-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
06-Apr-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Pune FC (Vasco)
07-Apr-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
07-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
07-Apr-2013: Mumbai FC - Air India (Mumbai)
07-Apr-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - ONGC (Shillong)

Round 24
12-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - Pailan Arrows (Kolkata)
13-Apr-2013: Salgaocar SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)
13-Apr-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Air India (Kolkata)
14-Apr-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Dempo SC (Vasco)
14-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
14-Apr-2013: ONGC - Pune FC (Mumbai)
14-Apr-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Mumbai FC (Shillong)

Round 25
19-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
20-Apr-2013: Air India - Pune FC (Mumbai)
20-Apr-2013: Pailan Arrows - Salgaocar SC (Kolkata)
21-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - East Bengal Club (Vasco)
21-Apr-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
21-Apr-2013: ONGC - Mumbai FC (Mumbai)
21-Apr-2013: United Sikkim FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Gangtok)

Round 26
27-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - ONGC (Kolkata)
27-Apr-2013: Air India - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
27-Apr-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
28-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
28-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - Salgaocar SC (Vasco)
28-Apr-2013: Pune FC - Pailan Arrows (Pune)
28-Apr-2013: United Sikkim FC - Mohun Bagan AC (Gangtok)

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