Rabu, 10 April 2013

Mizoram Premier League restarts today

The 'Mahindra 2 Wheelers' Mizoram Premier League will restart once again later today at Lammual Ground (Assam Rifles Ground) in Aizawl. Currently Mizoram Police FC are top of the league.

10 rounds have been played of the eight team league with the remaining four rounds to be played from today onwards after an enforced break because of the Santosh Trophy and the 2nd Division I-League.

Meanwhile the Mizoram Premier League Under-17 tournament will start tomorrow in which the eight teams are divided into two groups of four clubs each. The group league matches will be followed by semifinals of the top two teams in each group.


Round 11
11-Apr-2013: FC RS Annexe - Luangmual FC
12-Apr-2013: Aizawl FC - Reitlang FC
13-Apr-2013: Dinthar FC - Chanmari FC
22-Apr-2013: FC Kulikawn - Mizoram Police FC

Round 12
17-Apr-2013: Aizawl FC - FC Kulikawn
18-Apr-2013: Luangmual FC - Dinthar FC
19-Apr-2013: Mizoram Police FC - Reitlang FC
20-Apr-2013: FC RS Annexe - Chanmari FC

Round 13
24-Apr-2013: Chanmari FC - Reitlang FC
25-Apr-2013: FC RS Annexe - Mizoram Police FC
27-Apr-2013: FC Kulikawn - Luangmual FC
27-Apr-2013: Dinthar FC - Aizawl FC

Round 14
03-May-2013: Reitlang FC - FC Kulikawn
03-May-2013: Luangmual FC - Chanmari FC
04-May-2013: FC RS Annexe - Dinthar FC
04-May-2013: Mizoram Police FC - Aizawl FC

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