Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

2nd Division I-League's Final Round starts tomorrow in Bangalore

The 2nd Division I-League's Final Round will be played as a double header in Bangalore and Kerala and it will see Langsning FC, Rangdajied United FC, Mohammedan Sporting Club, Bhowanipore Club, Southern Samity and Mumbai Tigers FC in action. The first-leg will be played from tomorrow until April 12 in Bangalore.

The six teams in the final round of the 2nd Division I-League qualified from the 26 team, three group preliminary round which was held earlier this month.

Final Round Fixtures

30-Mar-2013: Langsning FC - Mumbai Tigers FC
30-Mar-2013: Southern Samity - Rangdajied United FC
31-Mar-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Bhowanipore Club
02-Apr-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Rangdajied United FC
02-Apr-2013: Mumbai Tigers FC - Southern Samity
03-Apr-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Langsning FC
05-Apr-2013: Langsning FC - Bhowanipore Club
05-Apr-2013: Southern Samity - Mohammedan Sporting Club
06-Apr-2013: Rangdajied United FC - Mumbai Tigers FC
08-Apr-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Mumbai Tigers FC
08-Apr-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Rangdajied United FC
09-Apr-2013: Langsning FC - Southern Samity
11-Apr-2013: Mumbai Tigers FC - Mohammedan Sporting Club
11-Apr-2013: Southern Samity - Bhowanipore Club
12-Apr-2013: Rangdajied United FC - Langsning FC

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