Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

4th Dr. T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament: Manipur champions!

Manipur beat rivals and defending champions Mizoram 4-3 on penalties at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Shillong tonight to lift the trophy of the fourth edition of the Dr. T. Ao Memorial Football Tournament, which was played from March 18 to 27.


Group A
18-Mar-2013: Meghalaya 3-0 Arunachal Pradesh
18-Mar-2013: Assam 2-0 Nagaland
20-Mar-2013: Assam 0-2 Arunachal Pradesh
20-Mar-2013: Meghalaya 4-0 Nagaland
22-Mar-2013: Nagaland 1-2 Arunachal Pradesh
22-Mar-2013: Meghalaya 3-0 Assam

Group B
19-Mar-2013: Mizoram 4-3 Sikkim
19-Mar-2013: Manipur 1-1 Tripura
21-Mar-2013: Manipur 3-1 Sikkim
21-Mar-2013: Mizoram 3-0 Tripura
23-Mar-2013: Sikkim 2-2 Tripura
23-Mar-2013: Mizoram 0-0 Manipur

25-Mar-2013: Mizoram 1-0 Arunachal Pradesh
25-Mar-2013: Meghalaya 0-1 Manipur

3rd Place Playoff
26-Mar-2013: Meghalaya 6-2 Arunachal Pradesh

27-Mar-2013: Mizoram 1-1,3-4 Manipur [penalties]

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