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India to debut at the International FCBEscola Tournament

Nine young footballers, all born in 2001, will be representing the FCBEscola India at the forthcoming International FCBEscola Tournament to be held in Barcelona from March 25 to 28. The tournament will be held at the Mini Estadi facilities next to iconic Camp Nou.

Based on stringent parameters of FCBEscola, five footballers from Goa, three from Delhi-NCR and one from Jaipur have been selected to represent FCBEscola India. The team has been undergoing training at the FCBEscola India facility in Gurgaon and will be leaving for Barcelona on March 24.

Started in 2012, The International FCBEscola Tournament is an annual competition for the FCBEscola teams worldwide. The tournament will provide a chance for budding footballers from India to play against their peers from Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Dubai, Poland, Egypt, Kuwait and Spain. The selected footballers will undergo extensive training for one week, prior to their departure, at the FCBEscola India facility in Gurgaon. There are a total of 52 teams participating in the tournament. The FCBEscola India team will play in the Under-12 age group, which has a total of four groups and 22 teams. The FCBEscola India team is in Group A, along with teams from Spain, Catalonia and Brazil.

FCBEscola Delhi-NCR will start in The Heritage School, Gurgaon and IOS Maidan, Shivaji College Sports Centre for Excellence, Delhi on April 15, 2013.

Commenting on the team, Anu Jain, Director – Conscient Football, said, "It is a great moment for us at FCBEscola India. This is a fantastic team with nine exuberant young footballers who not only have the passion for the game but are immensely talented."

"We are happy that this team is getting to participate and we hope they have a great experience and enjoy the tournament. This will be tremendous exposure for them", said Antonio Claveria, Director- FCBEscola India Project, and added, "This is a great opportunity for us to show case our talent on an International level and we hope to do well."

The FCBEscola India team travelling to Barcelona includes

Flan Gomes (Goa), Bevan Bernard Monteiro (Goa), Samward Pereira (Goa), Shannon Viegas (Goa), Ayan Lall (Goa), Ameya Kanadikar (Jaipur), Parth Kothari (Delhi-NCR), Saarthak Mehrotra (Delhi-NCR), Kabir Krishna Rao (Delhi-NCR)

Sukhwinder Kumar (Coach, Conscient Football), Toni Claveria (Director, FCBEscola India Project), Tarun Goyal (Co-ordinator, Conscient Football), Anu Jain (Director, Conscient Football)

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