Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

117th IFA Shield: Complete Results!

The 117th edition of the 'NVD' IFA Shield was played from March 3 to 20 in Kolkata and Siliguri with Prayag United SC lifting the trophy for the first time with a 1-0 victory in the final against East Bengal Club.


Group A - Siliguri
03-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club 1-0 Pailan Arrows (2.30pm)
05-Mar-2013: Prayag United SC 5-0 Pailan Arrows (2.30pm)
06-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club 2-1 ONGC (2.30pm)
08-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club 2-0 Prayag United SC (6.00pm)
09-Mar-2013: Pailan Arrows 1-2 ONGC (2.30pm)
11-Mar-2013: Prayag United SC 2-1 ONGC (2.30pm)

Group B
05-Mar-2013: Mohun Bagan AC 3-0 Pune FC (Kalyani 3.00pm)
07-Mar-2013: Deportivo Saprissa B 0-0 Pune FC (Saltlake, 3.00pm)
08-Mar-2013: Mohun Bagan AC 5-1 United Sikkim FC (Kalyani, 3.00pm)
10-Mar-2013: Mohun Bagan AC 0-1 Deportivo Saprissa B (Kalyani 3.00pm)
10-Mar-2013: Pune FC 6-1 United Sikkim FC (Saltlake, 3.00pm)
12-Mar-2013: Deportivo Saprissa B 3-1 United Sikkim FC (Saltlake, 3.00pm)

15-Mar-2013: Deportivo Saprissa B 1-2 Prayag United SC (Kalyani 3.00pm)
17-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club 1-1,4-2 Mohun Bagan AC [penalties] (Saltlake, 5.30pm)

20-Mar-2013: Prayag United SC 1-0 East Bengal Club (Saltlake, 5.30pm)

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