Rabu, 26 September 2012

AFC Under-16 Championship: India need to beat China to progress

The India Under-16 boys go into their third and final Group D match against China in the AFC Under-16 Championship knowing that only a win could take them into the quarterfinals. Anything else, a draw or a loss, would mean sure elimination from the group stage though the outcome depends on what happens in the groups other match Uzbekistan vs Syria, then if Syria win then India is eliminated even with a win.

If India progress, then it would be the first time since 2002 that an Indian Sub-Junior side would make it into the quarterfinals of the continental competition.

India's game organisation has come in for praise, but now it isn't just about organisation but also about scoring goals against China.

"Hold your opponent. Hold him and your teammate will get that extra second to recover," Colm Toal stresses in the team meeting and the boys listen with their eyes open.

"China come into the match against us with two very good performances (draws against Syria and Uzbekistan). I have watched them play and they are a good team who have some very good individual players," Toal speaks.

His rival Chinese counterpart Su Mozahen informs, "Our goal is to qualify for the U-17 World Cup and play good football in the process. We are here with a purpose like all other Chinese teams in any sport."

"It will be a big test for us as it would be for any Indian Team against any Chinese team. I hope the boys have enough left in the tank and be able to raise their performance in the last Group League match," Toal adds. "It's creditable for us to be in this situation and we have a realistic chance of making it to the quarterfinals."

A lot is at stake for both sides with one-third of the world's population involved in the match.

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