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I-League 2012/13: Tentative Fixtures from Round 14 to 26

The I-League 2012/13 is set to kick-off on October 6, 2012 with matches across India and the 14 team league will run 26 rounds until late-April 2013. But we will only get to know when the league will finish once next years AFC Cup fixtures for Indian clubs are released.

Then I-League champions Dempo SC and the to be crowned Federation Cup winners will represent India in the continental AFC Cup with six group matches to be played from March to May 2013.

Following are the tentative fixtures of matches from Round 14 to 26, which will be played in the year 2013. Changes here and there are likely...

Here the earlier fixtures: I-League 2012/13: Tentative Fixtures from Round 1 to 13 .


Round 14
04-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
05-Jan-2013: Salgaocar SC - East Bengal Club (Vasco)
05-Jan-2013: Air India - Sporting Clube de Goa (Mumbai)
05-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
06-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Dempo SC (Kolkata)
06-Jan-2013: ONGC - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)
06-Jan-2013: United Sikkim FC - Pune FC (Gangtok)

Round 15
08-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
08-Jan-2013: Air India - Salgaocar SC (Mumbai)
09-Jan-2013: United Sikkim FC - Mumbai FC (Gangtok)
09-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
09-Jan-2013: ONGC - East Bengal Club (Mumbai)
09-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Pune FC (Kolkata)
10-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Dempo SC (Kolkata)

Round 16
12-Jan-2013: Air India - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)
12-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
12-Jan-2013: East Bengal Club - Mumbai FC (Kolkata)
13-Jan-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Dempo SC (Shillong)
13-Jan-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Pune FC (Kolkata)
13-Jan-2013: ONGC - Salgaocar SC (Mumbai)
13-Jan-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)

Round 17
19-Jan-2013: Dempo SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)
19-Jan-2013: Mumbai FC - Prayag United SC (Mumbai)
19-Jan-2013: East Bengal Club - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
20-Jan-2013: Pailan Arrows - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
20-Jan-2013: Salgaocar SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
20-Jan-2013: Pune FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Pune)
20-Jan-2013: Air India - ONGC (Mumbai)

Round 18
27-Jan-2013: Dempo SC - ONGC (Vasco)
27-Jan-2013: Mumbai FC - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
27-Jan-2013: Prayag United SC - Mohun Bagan AC (Kolkata)
28-Jan-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Salgaocar SC (Vasco)
28-Jan-2013: Pailan Arrows - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
28-Jan-2013: Pune FC - East Bengal Club (Pune)
28-Jan-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Air India (Shillong)

Round 19
02-Feb-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Churchill Brothers SC (Vasco)
02-Feb-2013: Air India - Prayag United SC (Mumbai)
02-Feb-2013: Pailan Arrows - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
03-Feb-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - ONGC (Kolkata)
03-Feb-2013: Dempo SC - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
03-Feb-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - United Sikkim FC (Shillong)
03-Feb-2013: Pune FC - Salgaocar SC (Pune)

Round 20
09-Feb-2013: Salgaocar SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Vasco)
09-Feb-2013: Mumbai FC - Pune FC (Mumbai)
09-Feb-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
10-Feb-2013: Pailan Arrows - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
10-Feb-2013: United Sikkim FC - ONGC (Gangtok)
10-Feb-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
10-Feb-2013: Air India - Dempo SC (Mumbai)

Round 21
23-Mar-2013: Pailan Arrows - Mohun Bagan AC (Kolkata)
23-Mar-2013: ONGC - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
23-Mar-2013: Salgaocar SC - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
24-Mar-2013: East Bengal Club - Air India (Kolkata)
24-Mar-2013: Dempo SC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Vasco)
24-Mar-2013: Pune FC - Shillong Lajong FC (Pune)
24-Mar-2013: United Sikkim FC - Prayag United SC (Gangtok)

Round 22
27-Mar-2013: Salgaocar SC - Churchill Brothers SC (Vasco)
27-Mar-2013: Mumbai FC - Pailan Arrows (Mumbai)
27-Mar-2013: Prayag United SC - East Bengal Club (Kolkata)
28-Mar-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
28-Mar-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - ONGC (Vasco)
28-Mar-2013: Pune FC - Dempo SC (Pune)
28-Mar-2013: United Sikkim FC - Air India (Gangtok)

Round 23
04-Apr-2013: Salgaocar SC - Prayag United SC (Vasco)
05-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - Pailan Arrows (Vasco)
06-Apr-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Pune FC (Vasco)
07-Apr-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Mohun Bagan AC (Vasco)
07-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - United Sikkim FC (Kolkata)
07-Apr-2013: Mumbai FC - Air India (Mumbai)
07-Apr-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - ONGC (Shillong)

Round 24
12-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - Pailan Arrows (Kolkata)
13-Apr-2013: Salgaocar SC - United Sikkim FC (Vasco)
13-Apr-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Air India (Kolkata)
14-Apr-2013: Churchill Brothers SC - Dempo SC (Vasco)
14-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - Sporting Clube de Goa (Kolkata)
14-Apr-2013: ONGC - Pune FC (Mumbai)
14-Apr-2013: Shillong Lajong FC - Mumbai FC (Shillong)

Round 25
19-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
20-Apr-2013: Air India - Pune FC (Mumbai)
20-Apr-2013: Pailan Arrows - Salgaocar SC (Kolkata)
21-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - East Bengal Club (Vasco)
21-Apr-2013: Mohun Bagan AC - Churchill Brothers SC (Kolkata)
21-Apr-2013: ONGC - Mumbai FC (Mumbai)
21-Apr-2013: United Sikkim FC - Sporting Clube de Goa (Gangtok)

Round 26
27-Apr-2013: Prayag United SC - ONGC (Kolkata)
27-Apr-2013: Air India - Churchill Brothers SC (Mumbai)
27-Apr-2013: Sporting Clube de Goa - Mumbai FC (Vasco)
28-Apr-2013: East Bengal Club - Shillong Lajong FC (Kolkata)
28-Apr-2013: Dempo SC - Salgaocar SC (Vasco)
28-Apr-2013: Pune FC - Pailan Arrows (Pune)
28-Apr-2013: United Sikkim FC - Mohun Bagan AC (Gangtok)

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