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34th Federation Cup - Results: Semifinalists finalised!

The 34th Federation Cup is currently being held from September 19 to 30 simultaneously in Siliguri (West Bengal) and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). In the end Dempo SC, Churchill Brothers SC, East Bengal Club and defending champions Salgaocar FC qualified for the semifinals.

The 16 team league-cum-knockout competition saw India's top 14 I-League clubs plus two qualifiers - Mohammedan Sporting Club & Kalighat Milan Sangha - in action. The group stage were played from September 19 to 25 with Group A and D in Jamshedpur, while Group B and C were played in Siliguri. The semifinals are slated for September 27 and 28, while the final will be played on September 30 with the final three games to be played in Siliguri.


Quarterfinal League

Group A (Jamshedpur)
Dempo SC, Mumbai FC, Pailan Arrows, Shillong Lajong FC

19-Sep-2012: Dempo SC 1-1 Pailan Arrows (JRD, 3 pm)
19-Sep-2012: Mumbai FC 1-2 Shillong Lajong FC (Keenan, 3 pm)
21-Sep-2012: Pailan Arrows 1-2 Mumbai FC (Keenan, 3 pm)
21-Sep-2012: Dempo SC 1-0 Shillong Lajong FC (JRD, 3 pm)
23-Sep-2012: Pailan Arrows 2-1 Shillong Lajong FC (JRD, 3 pm)
23-Sep-2012: Mumbai FC 0-4 Dempo SC (Keenan, 3 pm)

Group B (Siliguri)
Churchill Brothers SC, Air India, Mohun Bagan AC, Mohammedan Sporting Club

20-Sep-2012: Air India 0-1 Mohammedan Sporting Club (3 pm)
20-Sep-2012: Churchill Brothers SC 0-0 Mohun Bagan AC (7 pm)
22-Sep-2012: Mohammedan Sporting Club 1-5 Churchill Brothers SC (3 pm)
22-Sep-2012: Mohun Bagan AC 0-2 Air India (7 pm)
24-Sep-2012: Air India 0-4 Churchill Brothers SC (7 pm)
24-Sep-2012: Mohun Bagan AC 2-1 Mohammedan Sporting Club (3 pm)

Group C (Siliguri)
Sporting Clube de Goa, ONGC, East Bengal Club, Kalighat Milan Sangha

21-Sep-2012: ONGC 5-1 Kalighat Milan Sangha (3 pm)
21-Sep-2012: Sporting Clube de Goa 1-1 East Bengal Club (7 pm)
23-Sep-2012: Kalighat Milan Sangha 2-3 Sporting Clube de Goa (3 pm)
23-Sep-2012: East Bengal Club 2-1 ONGC (7 pm)
25-Sep-2012: ONGC 2-1 Sporting Clube de Goa (3 pm)
25-Sep-2012: East Bengal Club 4-3 Kalighat Milan Sangha (3 pm)

Group D (Jamshedpur)
Salgaocar FC, Pune FC, Prayag United SC, United Sikkim FC

20-Sep-2012: Salgaocar FC 1-0 Prayag United SC (JRD, 3 pm)
20-Sep-2012: Pune FC 1-0 United Sikkim FC (Keenan, 3 pm)
22-Sep-2012: Prayag United SC 1-1 Pune FC (JRD, 3 pm)
22-Sep-2012: United Sikkim FC 0-3 Salgaocar FC (Keenan, 3 pm)
24-Sep-2012: Prayag United SC 2-0 United Sikkim FC (Keenan, 3 pm)
24-Sep-2012: Pune FC 1-2 Salgaocar FC (JRD, 3 pm)

27-Sep-2012: Churchill Brothers SC - East Bengal Club (6.30 pm)
28-Sep-2012: Dempo SC - Salgaocar FC (6.30 pm)

30-Sep-2012: Winner SF1 - Winner SF2 (6.30 pm)

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