Senin, 17 September 2012

SAFF Women's Cup - Stats: India triumph again!

The second edition of the SAFF Women's Championship was organised by the South Asian Football Federation and the tournament was held from September 7 to 16 at the CR&FC Place ground in Colombo, Sri Lanka with India defending their crown.

The Indian Women went into the tournament as the defending champions having won the inaugural edition with a 1-0 final win against Nepal in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh in December 2010 and this time around they beat Nepal 3-1 in the final.

India were drawn in Group A along with Bangladesh, Bhutan and hosts Sri Lanka, while Group B contained Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan.


Quarterfinal League

Group A
Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka

07-Sep-2012: India 3-0 Bangladesh
07-Sep-2012: Sri Lanka 4-0 Bhutan
09-Sep-2012: Sri Lanka 0-5 India
09-Sep-2012: Bangladesh 1-0 Bhutan
11-Sep-2012: Sri Lanka 2-1 Bangladesh
11-Sep-2012: India 11-0 Bhutan

Group B
Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan

08-Sep-2012: Nepal 8-0 Pakistan
08-Sep-2012: Maldives 1-1 Afghanistan
10-Sep-2012: Nepal 5-0 Maldives
10-Sep-2012: Pakistan 0-4 Afghanistan
12-Sep-2012: Nepal 7-1 Afghanistan
12-Sep-2012: Maldives 2-3 Pakistan

14-Sep-2012: India 11-0 Afghanistan
14-Sep-2012: Nepal 3-0 Sri Lanka

16-Sep-2012: India 3-1 Nepal

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