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2nd Division I-League: Updated Preliminary Round Fixtures

There are three 2nd Division I-League preliminary round groups comprising of 26 teams which will be played from March 9 to 27, 2013 across the country with the top two clubs from each group reaching the final round, while from there two teams will gain promotion to the next edition of the I-League.

Below are the updated fixtures of the preliminary round!

Preliminary Round Fixtures

Group A (Singrauli)
Delhi United Soccer Club, DSK Shivajians FC (Pune), George Telegraph SC (Kolkata), Kenkre FC (Mumbai), KGF Academy (Bangalore), Kohima Komets (Nagaland), Langsning FC (Shillong), Rangdajied United FC (Shillong), Samaleshwari Sporting Club (Orissa)

09-Mar-2013: Samaleshwari SC - KGF Academy
09-Mar-2013: DSK Shivajians - Rangdajied United FC
09-Mar-2013: George Telegraph SC - Kenkre FC
09-Mar-2013: Kohima Komets - Langsning FC
11-Mar-2013: Delhi United Soccer Club - Samaleshwari SC
11-Mar-2013: KGF Academy - DSK Shivajians
11-Mar-2013: Rangdajied United FC - George Telegraph SC
11-Mar-2013: Kenkre FC - Kohima Komets
13-Mar-2013: Langsning FC - Kenkre FC
13-Mar-2013: DSK Shivajians - Delhi United Soccer Club
13-Mar-2013: Kohima Komets - Rangdajied United FC
13-Mar-2013: George Telegraph SC - KGF Academy
15-Mar-2013: Rangdajied United FC - Langsning FC
15-Mar-2013: KGF Academy - Kohima Komets
15-Mar-2013: Delhi United Soccer Club - George Telegraph SC
15-Mar-2013: Samaleshwari SC - DSK Shivajians
17-Mar-2013: George Telegraph SC - Samaleshwari SC
17-Mar-2013: Kenkre FC - Rangdajied United FC
17-Mar-2013: Langsning FC - KGF Academy
17-Mar-2013: Kohima Komets - Delhi United Soccer Club
19-Mar-2013: KGF Academy - Kenkre FC
19-Mar-2013: DSK Shivajians - George Telegraph SC
19-Mar-2013: Samaleshwari SC - Kohima Komets
19-Mar-2013: Delhi United Soccer Club - Langsning FC
21-Mar-2013: Rangdajied United FC - KGF Academy
21-Mar-2013: Langsning FC - Samaleshwari SC
21-Mar-2013: Kenkre FC - Delhi United Soccer Club
21-Mar-2013: Kohima Komets - DSK Shivajians
23-Mar-2013: George Telegraph SC - Kohima Komets
23-Mar-2013: Samaleshwari SC - Kenkre FC
23-Mar-2013: DSK Shivajians - Langsning FC
23-Mar-2013: Delhi United Soccer Club - Rangdajied United FC
25-Mar-2013: Langsning FC - George Telegraph SC
25-Mar-2013: Kenkre FC - DSK Shivajians
25-Mar-2013: Rangdajied United FC - Samaleshwari SC
25-Mar-2013: KGF Academy - Delhi United Soccer Club

Group B (Indore)
Aizwal FC (Mizoram), Aryan Club (Kolkata), Bhowanipore Club (Kolkata), Green Valley SC (Guwahati), Josco FC (Kerala), Mohammedan Sporting Club (Kolkata), PIFA (Mumbai), Royal Wahingdoh FC (Shillong), Simla Youngs FC (Delhi)

09-Mar-2013: Simla Youngs FC - PIFA, Mumbai
09-Mar-2013: Green Valley SC - Aizawl FC
09-Mar-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Royal Wahingdoh FC
09-Mar-2013: Aryan Club - Bhowanipore Club
11-Mar-2013: PIFA, Mumbai - Green Valley SC
11-Mar-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Simla Youngs FC
11-Mar-2013: Royal Wahingdoh FC - Aryan Club
11-Mar-2013: Josco FC - Mohammedan Sporting Club
13-Mar-2013: Aryan Club - Josco FC
13-Mar-2013: Simla Youngs FC - Royal Wahingdoh FC
13-Mar-2013: Green Valley SC - Bhowanipore Club
13-Mar-2013: Aizawl FC - PIFA, Mumbai
15-Mar-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Aizawl FC
15-Mar-2013: Royal Wahingdoh FC - Green Valley SC
15-Mar-2013: Josco FC - Simla Youngs FC
15-Mar-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Aryan Club
17-Mar-2013: Aizawl FC - Royal Wahingdoh FC
17-Mar-2013: Green Valley SC - Josco FC
17-Mar-2013: Simla Youngs FC - Mohammedan Sporting Club
17-Mar-2013: PIFA, Mumbai - Bhowanipore Club
19-Mar-2013: Royal Wahingdoh FC - PIFA, Mumbai
19-Mar-2013: Josco FC - Aizawl FC
19-Mar-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - Green Valley SC
19-Mar-2013: Aryan Club - Simla Youngs FC
21-Mar-2013: Green Valley SC - Aryan Club
21-Mar-2013: PIFA, Mumbai - Josco FC
21-Mar-2013: Aizawl FC - Mohammedan Sporting Club
21-Mar-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Royal Wahingdoh FC
23-Mar-2013: Josco FC - Bhowanipore Club
23-Mar-2013: Mohammedan Sporting Club - PIFA, Mumbai
23-Mar-2013: Aryan Club - Aizawl FC
23-Mar-2013: Simla Youngs FC - Green Valley SC
25-Mar-2013: Aizawl FC - Simla Youngs FC
25-Mar-2013: PIFA, Mumbai - Aryan Club
25-Mar-2013: Bhowanipore Club - Mohammedan Sporting Club
25-Mar-2013: Royal Wahingdoh FC - Josco FC

Group C (Bangalore)
Mumbai Tigers (formerly Dodsal FC, Mumbai), Eagles FC (Kerala), Hindustan FC (Delhi), Kalighat Milan Sangha (Kolkata), Luangmual FC (Mizoram), South United FC (Bangalore), Southern Samity (Kolkata), Vasco SC (Goa)

11-Mar-2013: Vasco SC - Southern Samity
11-Mar-2013: South United FC - Luangmual FC
12-Mar-2013: Hindustan FC - Kalighat Milan Sangha
12-Mar-2013: Mumbai Tigers - Eagles FC
13-Mar-2013: Vasco SC - South United FC
14-Mar-2013: Southern Samity - Eagles FC
14-Mar-2013: Kalighat Milan Sangha - Dodsal FC
15-Mar-2013: Luangmual FC - Hindustan FC
16-Mar-2013: Mumbai Tigers - Luangmual FC
16-Mar-2013: Eagles FC - Kalighat Milan Sangha
17-Mar-2013: Hindustan FC - Vasco SC
17-Mar-2013: South United FC - Southern Samity
18-Mar-2013: Southern Samity - Kalighat Milan Sangha
19-Mar-2013: Luangmual FC - Eagles FC
19-Mar-2013: Vasco SC - Mumbai Tigers
20-Mar-2013: South United FC - Hindustan FC
21-Mar-2013: Eagles FC - Vasco SC
21-Mar-2013: Kalighat Milan Sangha - Luangmual FC
22-Mar-2013: Mumbai Tigers - South United FC
22-Mar-2013: Hindustan FC - Southern Samity
23-Mar-2013: Vasco SC - Kalighat Milan Sangha
24-Mar-2013: South United FC - Eagles FC
24-Mar-2013: Southern Samity - Luangmual FC
25-Mar-2013: Hindustan FC - Mumbai Tigers
26-Mar-2013: Kalighat Milan Sangha - South United FC
26-Mar-2013: Luangmual FC - Vasco SC
27-Mar-2013: Eagles FC - Hindustan FC
27-Mar-2013: Mumbai Tigers - Southern Samity

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